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Otrum is a leading provider of interactive TV solutions and content to the hospitality industry.

The company develops and supplies total solutions, consisting of hardware, software, TV channels, movies and guest broadband solutions. Otrum has partnerships with leading LCD vendors, to ensure full integration of in-room services, and powerful deployments of digital signage applications.

With ground-breaking products such as Otrum Enterprise, Otrum offers a HD-Ready digital end-to-end solution based on IP technology and MPEG streaming. Perfect picture quality in every room is achieved via Ethernet or Coax networks.

Founded in 1985, Otrum is headquartered in Norway and operates through wholly-owned sales offices and an established network of alliance partners for worldwide coverage. Otrum has established frame agreements with leading chains throughout all areas of operation, and is committed to continuously deliver innovative and creative solutions in-line with the needs of the hospitality industry.


EXTERITY, like our other strategic partner Stinova, is also known for their modern IPTV system. Headquartered in Edinburgh, Scotland, Exterity has built IPTV systems which are designed to be catered to enterprises. These products are purchased by over 1000 customers.

Exterity’s products help organizations distribute high broadcast quality audio-visual material across Local Area Networks. Exterity systems are able to support a wide range of users and host an unlimited number of channels. In addition, the quality of the picture displayed is not impeded by the number of users or other interruptions.

Exterity products can easily integrate with other systems, namely the digital signage and the hotel management system.


APPEAR TV offers operators the most advanced head-end architectures in the marketplace for delivering analog and digital broadcast services to their subscribers.

Appear TV head-ends are designed with modularity to achieve the most flexible solution with the highest density. We offer multiple inputs (IP, ASI, DVB-S/S2, DVB-T and DVB-C); descrambling/scrambling (DVB & AES) as well as a variety of output options (IP, ASI, QAM, FM Radio and analog TV).

The modularity and high flexibility of our head-ends make them suitable for multiple network architectures: streaming and multiplexing of digital content over IP based networks and conversion of digital content for analog networks (and distribution of TV and FM radio).

Appear TV is based in Oslo, Norway and is dedicated to designing reliable, revenue-generating and innovative solutions for operators looking to deliver real-time content to the home.


STINOVA, despite its recent establishment in 2007 has managed to flourish. Its flagship product is its digital signage system.
However, it is also noteworthy for its IPTV, Presentation Products and other audio-visual solutions. It is one of the two spin-off companies of Stino AG which sells the same products. The Digital Signage system is especially popular and convenient because the system is flexible thus enabling itself to adapt to a multitude of technological configurations. In addition, it is also cost-effective.
The management team of Stino has 20 years of experience which is an asset to the emerging company. Stinova sells its products to many countries around the world including great economic superpowers.


Set up in 2002 and branded as a leading TV solution provider, Luxurite specializes in research & development, manufacture & sales of high-end audiovisual appliances. Integrated our customer oriental brand philosophy with high quality products, we have been serving our global clients by providing high quality professional visual solutions for 8 years.
Luxurite products has been introduced and populated in North America, West Europe, North Europe, Austria and Middle East Asia, we also have been rewarded as one of the top brands in visual media solution providers.


WISI is pioneer of communication technology. Since its incorporation by Wilhelm Sihn jr. in 1926, WISI has been one of the pioneers of receiving and distribution technology.

With products and services of the highest quality, WISI will continue its participation in shaping the development of technologies and markets and exploring new areas.

For customers, partners and employees, WISI will continue to be a dependable entity also in the future. In many advanced communication systems, solutions by WISI comprise essential components.


Fagor Electronica is a dynamic company, in continuous evolution, pioneer in the development of the TV Headend and in developing systems which apply a new concept such as the Multi- Processing range of products.


TYCO International is a diversified, global company that provides vital products and services to customers in more than 60 countries. Tyco is a leading provider of security products and services, fire protection and detection products and services, valves and controls, and other industrial products. Tyco had 2007 revenue of more than $18 billion and has 118,000 employees worldwide.
Their wide-range of access control and video brands—Software House®, American Dynamics®, Kantech™, and CEM Systems—combine for more than three decades of delivering the latest, innovative technology to customers of all sizes. With integration platforms unrivaled in the industry, their solutions work seamlessly together as well as with other Tyco products such as SimplexGrinnell’s fire systems and DSC’s intrusion panels.