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American Dynamics introduces IP Speed Dome

IP SpeedDome Ultra 8 is a new IP edge device that includes the innovative features of the SpeedDome Ultra 8 Programmable Dome Series. IP SpeedDome Ultra 8 is compatible with either Intellex IP or VideoEdge NVR systems. This creates an integrated environment that allows you to access and control video remotely over a network, whether your surveillance system is small or large.

Provides up to 420x total zoom and innovative features like Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS), Wide Dynamic Range (WDR), and Digital Slow Shutter (DSS) for vastly superior video images. Combined with an innovative design that lets you save presets and patterns directly to the base, SpeedDome Ultra 8 sets the bar for performance and reliability Pressurized, temperature controlled and weatherproof, this housing protects your SpeedDome Ultra from moisture, dust and temperature fluctuations. The housing’s built-in thermostat and heater even prevents ice from forming on the outside bubble.